Design more than one cover type for the same book in BookWright

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Since there are slight variations in trim and size between each of our cover types, BookWright allows you to customize your design for each format that you want to print. You can design distinct covers for each of these formats.

To design for multiple cover types, click the Cover icon in the top left corner. Once the Covers workspace is open, you’ll see the options for all of the cover types available to you:

  • Hardcover, ImageWrap
  • Hardcover, Dust Jacket
  • Softcover (not available for Large Square or Large Landscape sizes)
  • ebook

Select the cover type you want to create and design it using the Draw options to place image and text containers. Repeat this for all the cover types you want to create print versions of.

A few tips:

  • Don’t forget about your book’s spine! Use the drop down menu to select the paper weight that you would like for your book. Heavier papers will create a thicker book, so in order to get your spine design right, be sure to pick out the right paper weight here. 
  • While you can't drag an image container over the entire cover, you can simulate a single image wrapping around the cover by placing image containers over both sides of the cover and the spine, and resizing your image in each container to make it look like a single image.  

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