Lightroom upload problems

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Did your Lightroom book fail to upload after you clicked the "Send Book to Blurb" button?

If you click the "Send Book to Blurb" button in Lightroom and your book upload fails, please to troubleshoot with these steps. 

Note: There is currently a bug within Lightroom where uploads will fail to complete if there is a comma in the title of your project. If you have a comma in your title, please try removing it and then uploading again.

I. Try exporting a PDF from within Lightroom

This will check to see if the book upload process is failing or if there's a problem with Lightroom's ability to simply create/export a PDF.

1. While in the Book module, click on Book Settings then choose PDF.


2. Then scroll down and choose "Export Book to PDF". (You can leave the other export/quality settings as they are for now).



II. If Lightroom does NOT successfully export a PDF, please contact Adobe.

If you cannot export your book to PDF you'll need to contact Adobe customer support for further help so they can troubleshoot within Lightroom.

III. If Lightroom DOES successfully export a PDF and you're still unable to upload a book, please contact us.

Please contact Blurb's customer support team and let us know the steps you've tried here.

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