When will your 1099 arrive?

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1099 forms are sent by the end of January via USPS First Class mail. As long as your taxpayer address was up to date when we processed 1099s you should receive yours by February 15th. (If your taxpayer address is outside the US then it will take longer).

If you live in the US and have not received your 1099* by end of day on February 15th please contact us from the email address associated with your Blurb account. Please make sure your taxpayer information is up to date before contacting us. (And if you make an update to your address please tell us both the old address for reference as well as the new address).

*Note that we only send 1099s to authors who were paid $600 or more in the previous year and indicated they were a US taxpayer.

You may also want to review our article on how to read your Blurb sales data.

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