How to upgrade your existing photo book to a Layflat book

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Layflat books are a beautiful way for images to span across a two-page spread, allowing your images to take center stage and make a bigger impact. You can reorder existing photo books made with the following tools by selecting Standard Layflat as the paper option. Keep in mind that Layflat books have a page limit between 20-110 pages.

Simply follow the directions below based on your book-making tool. If you don't know which tool you used to create your original book, check this article.

Booksmart or Bookify




PDF uploader


For existing books made with BookWright

  1. Open Bookwright and then locate and open your existing file (*You MUST have your original file*)
  2. Navigate to Papers/Format.
  3. Select Convert Book>Layflat Book and select your book size.
  4. After the conversion is done double check your cover and spine. The new cover will have a different spine width, so carefully adjust the cover and spine to fit as desired.
  5. Preview your book and then upload the final copy to Blurb for purchase.

For existing books made with BookSmart or Bookify

BookSmart and Bookify projects cannot be ordered with Layflat papers. To order your project with one of our Layflat offerings, you’ll need to convert your BookSmart or Bookify project to a BookWright book as outlined here

For existing books made with InDesign

  1. Open the Blurb InDesign Plugin and CREATE A NEW BOOK. (*You MUST have your original InDesign files*)
  2. Enter the exact details of your previous book, including Book Trim, Page Count. Select LAYFLAT STANDARD PAPER and Imagewrap Cover type.
  3. Instead of creating a new Pages Template, use the link button and link to your previous Pages InDesign document. Open your previous InDesign Cover document.
  4. Go back to the InDesign Plugin and create a NEW Cover Template. Select ALL from your previous Cover Template and paste to the new Cover Template. The new cover will have a different spine width so carefully adjust all elements on the page to fit as desired. Upload your layflat book.




For existing books made with Lightroom

1. Open Lightroom and the photo book you have saved.

2. Select Standard Layflat in the Paper Type drop-down menu


3. Check your cover. Using Layflat paper may affect the spine width of your book, so double check your cover design to make sure it looks OK.


4. Your book is ready to upload and order!


For existing books made with PDF Uploader

  1. Locate your existing PDF files (*You MUST have your original file*)
  2. Upload the PDF files to the Blurb PDF Uploader.
  3. Select Imagewrap and Standard Layflat Paper from the paper type menu.
  4. Carefully inspect the preview, as the Cover may need to be re-sized and elements may move slightly. If you decide to create a new Cover PDF for your Layflat book, see our Specifications Page to get exact dimensions.


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