Choose the correct version of InDesign when installing the plug-in

If you receive an error message that reads something like this

The application you chose, Adobe InDesign [version XXXX], is not recognized as a copy of Adobe InDesign [version YYYY].

then you may have clicked on the wrong installation folder.

  • Double check the version/year of InDesign installed on your computer (Adobe InDesign CS6, Adobe InDesign CC 2017, etc).
  • Go back to the Blurb Book Creator CC plug-in installer you downloaded and select the folder for your version and year.
  • Note that the plug-in folder InDesign CC (with no year after it) is for an older version named simply InDesign CC. 
  • The plug-in named InDesign CC will not work for versions of CC followed by a specific year (CC 2014, CC 2015, CC 2017). Those have their own folders and plug-ins as shown below.

Example: if you've got InDesign CC 2017 on your computer, open and install from the InDesign CC 2017 plug-in folder as seen below. Don't install from the InDesign CC folder as that's a different version.


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