Tips for using Facebook Photos

When printing a photo book, it’s always best to use photos that are 150dpi or higher to ensure your pictures look their best. However, this might not always be possible when using images from social media sites like Facebook.

Blurb’s mobile app alerts you with a small warning in the Arrange Pages and Editor screen if your image is below the recommended DPI for the image size. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the photo in the book will look bad when printed, it just won’t be a sharp as a high resolution image.

Here are some suggestions how to make your Facebook photos look their best in your books.

  1. Upload high resolution images to Facebook.
    By default Facebook’s mobile app and website does not upload high resolution photos. To enable this setting follow the instructions here.
  2. Choose page layouts for smaller images.
    Square and Original layout options use smaller photos because of the margin. These photos will have more dots per inch and a higher resolution.   
    IMG_2647.PNG    IMG_2648.PNG
  3. Choose a smaller book size.
    Choose the Mini Square 5x5in book size. Photos on the page are smaller and have more dots per inch and a higher resolution.

For more information on DPI and image resolution please click here.

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