View recommended image size in BookSmart

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  • You can see the recommended image size for any BookSmart image container using the pop-up tool tip below.
  • If your original image is larger than the optimal photo size BookSmart will scale it down to fit the image box.
  • Images that are overly large and sharpened or grainy may not scale down well in BookSmart. Reducing their size ahead of time to better match the optimal size can minimize grain in the final printed book. 
  • It's a good idea to give any sharpened or grainy images the 200% test.

How to view the optimal photo size

  • Mouse over an image container and hover to see the pop-up tip with the preferred image size for that container.

Container size in BookSmart:



How to resize your images

  1. Duplicate your image (to preserve your original).
  2. Using your preferred image-editing software, open the duplicate and adjust the size so it matches the optimal size (or is no more than 25% larger).
  3. Save the resized image. Saving as a PNG is best if the image has any visible grain, text, lines, or is a scan. Otherwise JPEG is fine.
  4. Place the resized image into the BookSmart image container. 
  5. The image will now better fit into the designated image container, with little or no compression.

Remember, when in doubt give your images the 200% test.

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