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The joy of self publishing

I have been using Blurb since 2012. I have authored 12 publications to date. That's right 12!!! Nothing compares to the thrill of getting your proof copy in the mail and holding your finished project in your hands. I received a proof copy just this afternoon, and guess what? I was just as excited today as I was in 2012 with my first book. I never thought writing and having a single book published was even possible, but Blurb made my dreams a reality, several times over. I am especially excited about the connection Blurb offers to the global retail network. I have four books out there currently and I am waiting for a 5th to hit soon. It was a thrill to call Barnes and Noble last night to ask a rep about one of my very own books. Wow!! Thank you, Blurb for providing such an incredibly easy, affordable service to those of us who dream and aspire to be on a best seller's list one day.
James W. Falcon

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