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How do I know how many "word" pages "or "word" word count makes a Book page?

I'm going to be compiling an anthology for my students and I was wondering how many pages (or word-count) from MS Word would equal a Blurb book?


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There is no easy answer to your question, you need to get to work on a calculator.

Depending on the size of book you choose and the paper type Blurb books can go up to 440 pages. A 440 page 13" x 11" book  full of text at 9pt would have an awful lot more text than a 40 5" x 8"page trade book  with 14pt text.

Give us some examples of book dimensions, word count, word page count, font size, etc. and we may be able to help.


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What a bullshit answer, Tony. I think Noel appreciates that there will be less words the larger the types size!!!

You could at least say how many words on average can be got on one 13 x 11" page at 9pt, and how many fewer words for each increase in point size.

That would actually be helpful.

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