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BookSmart: Is there a way to create folders in "My Photos"?

With 60+ images slated for our book, is there a way to organize "My Photos" using folders? The book will have 6 chapters and I'd like to keep each chapter's photos in a separate container.

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I am thinking of only adding photos to 'My Photos' chapter by chapter and at the end of a chapter not showing them any more but I would be grateful for anything more organised.

shireshead 0 Stimmen

Unfortunately there is no facility to do that.

But what I have done for a few years now is to organise my photos by chapter in a folder/directory on my PC then directly drag them from there and drop them into the image container on the appropriate page. So I bypass the Get Images and do not make use of My Photos.

Having finished the book I use the drop down filter in My Photos and select just Show Unused Photos, then I delete those before archiving the book.


Tony Frankland 0 Stimmen

Please add some feature like subfolders. I desperately want some way to organize my book a chapter/event at a time.

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