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I am so disappointed that you have taken away the Blog to Book. I have literally tried for over a month now to figure out the Book Wright and extracting from my blog. I got it extracted but when it came over it is all messed up. All my text came over not in the correct order and it does nothing when I say oldest-newest to try and filter it. So I have my post literally everywhere. It also messed up all my pictures. I have a ton of pictures and sadly they won't filter either with oldest-newest. Please bring the feature back. I have used you for over 9 years for our family blog book. I am so sad and discouraged. If someone can help in teaching me how to actually get this program to do anything I would take all the help I can get. 

Brittany Foster

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Have you tried Lightroom? It's not blog to book but essentially you can choose all your photos then go straight to album design. Honestly not sure if this helps but we started using a while back and its great.

You can also get a free lightroom trial.

Photo of design using lightroom -

Lightroom free trial -

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