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Uploading your InDesign files as an ebook

Zo Silver
posted this on January 10, 2013, 14:53

This video will walk you through the steps of importing previous Adobe InDesign files into the new Blurb Book Creator for print or ebook uploading.

Blurb offers several ebook conversion paths for your InDesign files.

Path 1

Blurb can convert your uploaded PDFs into an ebook by selecting "Convert this book to an ebook for the iPad" on your Book Detail page. This option converts from a PDF file into an ebook, which is not the best workflow for quality of conversion. This option is mainly for non-InDesign users or those who no longer have their original InDesign files.

Path 2 (Not applicable in CS3)

Upload your print or ebook designs as an ebook directly from the Blurb Book Creator plug-in for Adobe InDesign. This is the preferred workflow to honor your design and will give a more accurate conversion than converting from uploaded PDF files.

You can upload your print designs as an ebook with Blurb if you’ve created your print book with one of the Blurb InDesign Plug-ins or Blurb Templates.. Follow the directions below to get your print templates into the Blurb Book Creator for upload as an ebook.

• If you’ve created your print design in the latest Blurb Book Creator, and it’s in your list of Books on the left-hand side of the plug-in, simply select the print book in the list, and in the bottom section set Book Type to ebook and upload. Quick and simple!



Books created with old versions of the plug-in

If you’ve created a  book with a previous version of the Blurb InDesign Plug-in (or with one of Blurb’s legacy templates) follow the steps below to open that old project using the latest version of the plug-in (called the Blurb Book Creator within InDesign). Once it's in the Blurb Book Creator you can upload as an ebook (or as a print book if you'd like to make changes and order a new print copy).

(More of a visual person? This video will walk you through the steps of importing previous Adobe InDesign files into the Blurb Book Creator for print or ebook uploading).

This assumes that you have 1) previously uploaded and ordered that old project and it's still in your Blurb account and 2) you still have the old book project files (pages and cover) somewhere on your computer.

First, gather some information about that old project. 

1. Log into your Blurb account and go to My Account>My Books.

2. Now you'll see icons for all your previously uploaded books. Locate the icon for that book project, then click the button that says "Sell My Book".

3. On the settings page, you'll see another icon for your book. To the right of it you'll see more details about it. Write down the book size (eg, Small Square 7x7) and the number of pages. You will need this info to import your project into the Blurb Book Creator.


4. Now scroll down and look for the words "Pricing and formats". To the right of it is a button that says "Edit". Click that edit button.

5. Make a note of the cover type (eg, Hardcover Dust Jacket) and the paper type shown (eg, ProLine Uncoated).


6. Click the "Cancel" button to exit the Pricing and Formats section. 

Now that you have the book size, cover type, page count and paper type, you're ready to import the old project into the Blurb Book Creator. 

1. Open InDesign, go to File>Blurb Book Creator, and, once it opens, Click Start Book

2. Enter a title, author name, and the book information you wrote down earlier.

3. In the Document Files section, click on the chain-link icon for your pages and locate your InDesign pages file from your previous book. If you plan to add or delete pages to the new file, do that before moving to step

4.To create the new cover click on the chain-link icon for your cover and locate the InDesign cover file from your previous book. Make any desired changes to the cover now.

5. Your project will now appear in the Books list and can be re-uploaded anytime as a print or ebook by selecting Book Type in the Order Book section.


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