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About Blurb Promo Codes and Discounts

Zo Silver
posted this on January 10, 2013, 13:56

How can I get a Blurb promo code?

From time to time, Blurb sends out offers via email. If you're interested, make sure that you have opted in to receive emails from Blurb by changing the email settings under your account info.

How do I use my promo code?

If you have a promo code or gift card, here's how to use it.

Volume discounts

Volume discounts are automatically applied for orders with 10 or more books. If you have a promo code that will give you a better deal than the volume discount then you can enter your promo code instead--that will remove the volume discount. 

In most cases, our marketing promo codes have a maximum amount, such as a $100 cap, so you might be better off keeping the volume discount. If you change your mind, empty your cart and start again, and the volume discount will reappear. (

Note that volume discounts are applied to Blurb's "base price" only. Volume discounts will not apply to any mark-up added by the author. So if the base price of a book (the price before any author-added mark-up) is $30, and the author has added a $5 mark-up on top of that, the volume discount would only apply to the $30. 

Discounts for schools, non-profits, professional photographers, etc.

Blurb does not have a specific discount option for professional photographers, schools, non-profits, or other organizations. However, if you'd like to request that Blurb sponsor your event or donate a prize (as for a charity raffle) please contact customer support and we'll connect you with our sponsorships department.


How can I use my promo code? 

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