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Adding an ISBN number and barcode to a book

Zo S.
posted this on January 7, 2013, 10:59

Do I need an ISBN?
In order to sell your printed book in some stores, you will need an ISBN number and a scannable barcode. An ISBN is not needed if you only plan to sell your book through Blurb's site.

How can I get an ISBN?

Blurb offers free ISBNs through our BookWright software and also through our InDesign plug-in. The instructions within each of those two programs will explain how to add a Blurb-provided ISBN to your book and where the ISBN will appear.

You cannot obtain an ISBN through our Bookify, BookSmart or LightRoom workflows.

I have my own ISBN. How do I add it to my book?
If you already have an ISBN you can incorporate your  barcode into your cover design just like any other image. It's best to place it on a white background (for “eye-readability”) and position it anywhere on the back cover except for the lower right corner--a small printer-produced QR code (used for internal tracking only) may be placed there. 

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