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Zo Silver
posted this on January 9, 2013, 09:51

To contact Blurb's customer support team please visit our customer support page. You'll see the option to contact us via email and, when it's available,  via phone.

Phone support is not offered 24/7 so if the phone number doesn't appear that means our phone agents are not available. You may reach us via email at any time, however.

The majority of our support is done via email because -- believe it or not -- it allows us to better track issues and prioritize them accordingly. (This includes escalating certain issues appropriately.)

Offering email support also helps us provide step-by-step answers tailored to your needs, in a format which you can review at your convenience--once your question is in our system, we're able to provide detailed, technical information in writing. We can also send and receive images and screenshots--something you can't do over the phone. Also, email allows us to effectively respond to folks around the world in different time zones.

Some more good news: The more you use this process, the smarter it becomes. The technology we use actually learns from your questions and our communication process, and as a result, customers will get even faster and more efficient responses over time. We know sometimes you want that live person on the phone, but try our system and judge for yourself. We truly believe you'll feel well taken care of regardless of how you contact us.

For press inquiries: Please email all press-related needs to press at blurb dot com. This is for press inquires only. All other inquiries will not be replied to. If you need Customer Support, please proceed to our Help page.

For questions about partnerships: Visit our Affiliates Page.

Curious about career opportunities? Our Work at Blurb listings might have what you're looking for.

For all other inquiries: For specific questions that cannot be answered by our FAQs or Forums, please fill out our online support form and make sure you submit it by clicking the submit button. You can also leave Suggestions and Feedback as well.

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